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A couple weeks back we did another trip to one of our favorite spots, the night before I decided I wanted to catch a decent fish on crank as I have lost confidence in crank fishing mainly due to the fact that I have been focusing more on plastic and jig fishing.

The fishing started off a bit slow for me and I was mainly focusing on throwing plastics, as I was kicking over to another promising looking spot I decided to take out my Square bill Rod that already had the Xcite Bait XB 1 Square Bill in Blue Gill colour tied on.


I have thrown this bait before a few times but only managed a few dinks on it but I have always been impressed with how easily this bait comes through the thick stuff and its extreme buoyancy ,when paused it just floats back out of the structure. This is a really well made crank with a great paint job, when you hold it in your hand you just know this thing must catch fish.


The XB-1 square bill crankbait by Xcite Baits is truly a revolutionary crankbait! It features a tungsten ball bearing internal weight transfer system for long and accurate casts. Plus, its 3-D eyes and gills will drive fish crazy in the shallow waters! Each and every XB-1 crankbait is hand tuned and tested before being packaged.

When I reached my spot I made a few cast just playing around with the XB1 looking at its action with different retrieve speeds, what's nice about the XB1 is that you can really fish this bait slow and with confidence knowing that the chances of it hanging up is very low.


After making a few casts I noticed some sticks and a nice underwater boulder close to it, I put in the perfect cast tight to the shore line cranked the handle a few times paused cranked again made the XB1 bounce off the boulder when it got absolutely smashed, it was one of the best bites I have had on crank in ages.


I leaned into the fish and knew this was a good one as she broke surface, she put up a fantastic fight and took line a few times, I played her for a while as she was hooked in both the top and the bottom lip.

I brought her in slowly and lipped this very nice fish.



I wanted to catch a good fish on crank and I managed to achieve that thanks to the XB1.

This crank gets my recommendation and to any Bass angler looking to try some square bill fishing try the Xcite Baits XB-1 Square Bill Crankbait you will not be disappointed.


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