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Once again I journeyed to the lands of the Beasts. My all too familiar play ground, Letsibogo.

Letsibogo Dam

Armed with only my tried and tested “Beast slayer”. The ALX ZoloB Power Bolt 7’11’’ XXH Mod/Fast Flipping/Pitching. What a weapon of Mass bass destruction.

Reel of choice The Super High Speed LH Abu Garcia Revo Rocket with the 9.0.1 retrieve ratio. This was spooled with 60lb Maji Kamba Army green. Hooks Moaner screw lock 6/0 heavy gauge. Lure of choice Maximus Worms. AKA Jungle snakes!

MKbraidMoaner HookMaximus

The Power Bolt has raw power that is unmatched to any other rod I’ve tried. She does not give up with a 5.5 power ratio she does not for a moment give you any doubt that the beasts you’ve hook will be boated!

ALX Zolo B


Zolo B Specs

On this trip I was bust off twice both times was not due to product failure but to angler not faster enough on the Draw(Hook-set). 1st time I was taken between two jagged rocks as the Beast ran for cover in her liar. The other time was my misfortune of pitching my Maximus to a fork of a tree and going threw the thigh thick fork. Well another beast was willing but wrapped me up faster than you can say Fishing Hell!  She surfaced to show me her beautiful white belly just to torment me to shower her size, an easy 4,8Kg Beauty. I tried everything to get her free from giving her slack to unwind herself, to trying to break the tree down neither worked. So with much heartache the Kevlar gloves where brought out and the tug of war began. This ended up with me Sweating bullets and finally almost launching my self backward into the dam when finally the line parted at the knot. This is one tough “Water String”

I was very happy to see moments later  the Beauty come somersaulting out the water. Knowing she was free made my trip.

Well the rest is history I boated every numerical number with a Beast of 4,98Kg to 4Kg. Still the PB is intact at 4,98Kgs. And not from the lack of trying. I just added to the tally of “10” 4,98Kg Beasts to my total... I honestly think my Rapala Tournament Digital scale has something against me.

My 4.98kg


Tristan 1

My 4.85kg


Tristan 2



Review written by Tristan Wood







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