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I was very fortunate to have been one of the first in South Africa to have been able to get my hands on one of the brand new ALX ZOLO B Rods. I spoke to Brent and told him that I will be going to the orange river for a yellow fish trip and I knew that the orange river is one of the harshest environments you can put fishing tackle through, so I thought this would be the best place to test out the durability of these rods.




The mighty Orange River, some tough terrain and beautiful scenic views


I was given the 7’4” ZOLO B Crank rod, it has medium power with a moderate fast action.

I fitted a Shimano Curado 200G5 with 13lb fluorocarbon to this rod, which is a super light reel as well and was just amazed how this rod and reel complimented each other in weight! It was extremely light, everyone has their preference, but I prefer a super light rig which I know if I make a few 100 casts a day that I won’t feel it the next day and also not through the day.

It was an absolute pleasure to cast my cranks with this rod, from small cranks to big cranks, I could cast it a mile but not only that I could do it accurately without any effort. The soft tip and quality HYDRA NG ROD BLANK also helped me to feel exactly what was going on under the water,  timber, rocks, sand you name it I could feel exactly what it was! I was really amazed by this and it also just gave me that little bit more confidence one need when fishing.  When I caught fish the rod will load up perfectly and the tip would just be so forgiving. When you are not use to fishing cranks this rod will help you not to be too eager with the fish and will give in when needed.




Fighting a nice 2KG Laregmouth yellow fish with ease.




I really liked the guides of this rod as I see it as a “Mini guide” or ALX calls it mid micro guide, something between a micro guide and a normal guide, so you get the best of both worlds, the guide is small enough to get the benefits of micro guides like casting distance, sensitivity etc. BUT the guides are bigger making them a lot stronger than micro guides and also make leader knots go through easier! When it came to the guides I was very surprised to see that the rod tips eye was not in line with the other guides, I spoke to Brent immediately and he assured me that this will be fixed if a rod gets sent out like that, ALX Rods and BWG Online wants to give the best quality that you can get out there!






The Largemouth Yellows are steam trains when it comes to the fight and not once did I feel that the rod was letting me down.






The rod handles very well, even when you are on your back…LOL!!


This rod fishes amazing and I will anytime fish with ALX Rods again!!







Review written by Hugo vd Walt






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