Jigging Technique




Jigs have to be one of the most underestimated lures in a anglers tacklebox. But if used at the right time and in the right place it is a weapon which can call out the lunkers.

Below are some tried and tested method's for jig fishing.

CRAWLING - Simply let the jig sink to the bottom and steadily retrieve it, vary retrieve speed and let the fish tell you what they want, this is also a great way to find out exactly what’s on the bottom.

HOPPING - While on the bottom, pop the jig up with a short snap of your rod tip, this is probably the most used approach to fishing a football jig.

STROKING - Let the fun begin! With the jig resting on the bottom stroke your rod tip up from the 4 o’clock position to about 1. This is almost like setting the hook every time you move the bait. Carefully watch your line as the jig is falling back to the bottom as this is when most strikes occur.

CRASHING - Using a heavy 1oz jig and your rod tip pointed at the water, quickly work the jig with short and FAST twitches of the rod tip keeping contact with the bottom, this resembles working a jerk bait for aggressive fish except you can effectively do this in 40 plus feet of water. WOW what a way to get a school of giants chewing!

DEAD STICKING - If your electronics are telling you the fish are down there and the first 4 methods don’t work it could be as simple as throwing the jig out there and letting the skirt and Xcite trailer do the work for you. We chose the Xcite trailer for a very important reason "NO SALT" it floats. The jig and trailer stand up in their face and they hate that.


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Article compliments of BS Fishing




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