Age: 42
Occupation: Mine Planner (Graphic Designer)
Area: Gauteng
Favourite Technique: Texas Rigging
Personal best: 7.03kg Largemouth


Nico Mathee is probably one of the most down to earth, God loving people you will ever meet. Nico has been angling since he was 8 years old, however only started taking up Bass angling at the age of 31. Nico has been in the competitive circuit since 2009 and competes in the Cast for Cash, Factor X and The Bass Challenge regularly. Nico has also fished the Inanda Bass Classic and Albert Falls.




Age: 30
Occupation: FMCG rep for Valgrand
Area: Gauteng
Favourite Technique: Finessing & Topwater Frogging
Personal best: 4.85kg Largemouth



Fishing from a early age, Tristan was encouraged and nurtured by his Dad’s passion and enthusiasm for fishing. Tristan is involved in all facets of fishing from fly-fishing to Rock and surf. Tristan’s lifestyle finds him spending most of his time concentrating on perfecting his techniques in becoming an angler to reckon with. Tristan competes in the Cast for Cash, Factor X and The Bass Challenge tournaments.




Age: 40
Occupation: Head Chef & Bar Manager at Nabana Lodge
Area: Mpumalanga
Favourite Technique: Weightless
Personal best: 2.9kg Largemouth


Newbie Photo

Paul has been a avid bass angler since he moved to Sunny South Africa from the U.K in 2007. He used to fly fish for rainbows and browns in public resevoirs since the age of 6.

He fishes a variety of dams in the lowveld, from farm dams to the large public dams and does so from a small solid hull boat. He is a regular at both Dagama and Klipkoptjie dam with his personal best of 2.9kg's coming out of Dagama on a lipless crank.

Paul's favourite tactics are weightless worms, spinnerbaits and hollow bodied frogs. He is also the organizer of the Nabana Lodge Small Boat Bass Competition in the Lowveld.



 Mark Laurens Nametag

Age: 31
Occupation: Interior Architect - Elphick Proome Architects
Area: Kwa-zulu Natal
Favourite Technique: Frogging / Weightless
Personal best: 2.51kg Largemouth

Mark Laurens Pic

Relatively new to the sport, Mark (aka Balloy) started getting serious about his bass fishing career at the beginning of 2012, where he started out fishing places like Inanda & Hazelmere dam. Mark has recently taken a liking to the kick-boat scene where he partakes in the 4 season's events as well as the other smaller craft tournaments around Durban. Recently Mark placed first in the 4 Season's event held at Albert Falls dam.



 Robert Jacobs Nametag

DOB: 1967-08-17
Occupation: I.T. Manager
Area: Western Cape
Favourite Technique: Cranking & Soft Jerkbaits
Largemouth Personal best: 3.24kg
Smallmouth Personal best: 1.87kg

Robert Jacobs Pic

Robert Jacobs has been fishing competitively in the Western Cape Money Trail for the past 4 seasons He had been a keen bank angler from a very young age and mainly fished smaller farm dams with the occasional trip to Groenvlei in later years. Everything changed after an invite by his brother to fish Goedertrouw on a bass boat in December 2009. Robert regularly fishes with Quinton Venter, Malcolm Shirley and also with his youngest daughter Misha Jacobs. He has seen 4 top 5 finishes in the last four seasons of Western Cape BFSA Money Trail. His dream is to create a local Bass Fishing Television series featuring local anglers, local boats and local fishing tackle distributors. He is also a new member of WCBAA and Tygerberg Bass Angling Club and will be competing in the Western Cape Elite Series in the 2013/2014 season.




Scott NameTag

Age: 19
Area: Western Cape
Favourite Technique: Flipping & Pitching
Large Mouth Personal Best: 3,75kg
Small Mouth Personal Best: 2,3kg

Scotty pic

Originally from Zimbabwe with generations of bass anglers in his family, Scott Patterson started fishing from the age of 3 and started his competitive angling in 2009. He is extremely dedicated to the sport of Bass Fishing and spends the majority of his time perfecting his techniques in the sport, fishing from a Dragonfly MK II and a float tube. Scott captained the Western Cape Junior division to a resounding win in 2013 an obtained his Protea and Western Cape colours.

Scott participates in the kick boat trail, money trail, WC senior divisional's, MT's and WCBAA elite series.



Roy Nametag

Age: 39
Area: Western Cape
Favourite Technique: Flipping, Pitching & Skipping
Large Mouth Personal Best: 4,96kg
Small Mouth Personal Best: 2,86kg

Roy Branded Pic

Roy has been bass fishing for 31 years starting at the age of five and caught his first bass at Groenvlei, he is originaly from Jhb where he competed at Jnr level but resides in Cpt now where he competes in local bass fishing comps and has placed in both the Money Trail and Kick Boat Trail. His favorite style of fishing is flippin, pitching and skipping and his PB LM is 4.96 kg and SM 2.86.



FS nametag

Age: 40
Area: Western Cape
Favourite Technique: Carolina
Large Mouth Personal Best: 3,32kg
Small Mouth Personal Best: 2,89kg

Freddie Steyn

I was always fishing with my dad from a very young age and loved all types of recreation fishing. I only became serious about bass fishing in 2009 when I joined Tygerberg Bass Anglers. My passion for the sport grew and in 2010/2011 season I joined the WCBAA as a gold angler and fished competitively in all regional and cast for cash events. I served on the executive of the WPBAA board as well as the WCBAA board as secretary. In 2013 I made the WP bass angling side and also fished SABAA nationals on the Vaal River during August 2013. In 2014 I finished 4th in the WCBAA division and will be representing WCBAA in the upcoming SABAA Nationals to be held in Inanda Dam in August 2014 as well as the WPBAA in the Interprovincial at the Vaal River in September 2014.





Quinton Nametag




Age: 30
Area: Western Cape
Favourite Technique: Light Mojo & Texas Pitching
Large Mouth Personal Best: 2,5kg
Small Mouth Personal Best: 1,83kg


Quinton Floatie

I've been fishing from the age of 7 years old with my dad and brother. I have done just about all types of fishing throughout the last 15 years. My grandfather introduced me to bass fishing while on holiday in Worster one year, but only these last few years have I decided to join the competitive side, and I must say I am loving it. I compete in the BFSA Money Trail and will be taking part in a few Kickboat events throughout the year.




Shayne Nametag

Age: 20
Area: Zimbabwe
Favourite Technique: Pitching
Large Mouth Personal Best: 5,45kg
Small Mouth Personal Best: 1,93kg


Shayne’s large-mouth PB of 5,45kg is held on Darwendale which he bagged back in 2009. His smallmouth PB of 1,93kg came during the Junior Internal test against South Africa at Clanwilliam in 2013. His dream is to go across to the States and compete in a major event.

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